A friend who has fashionably turned ‘atheist’ recently (ironically a hindu brahmin who riles others for their lower castes) , asked me if there’s anything that can convince him of God.

An atheist is not someone who just disbelieves in the possibility of God. An atheist is someone who denies the imposition of an extraneous , arbitrary consciousness on his/her own. It’s not just that he/she does not have faith or doubts the existence of an intelligence of a higher order that holds his/her fate in a loose arbitrary grip ( although that is scary too ).

An atheist has the disposition to challenge and thwart even the idea that he/she should be subject to an unknowable, intangible, conscious entity that totally knows every person’s innermost thoughts and entire history and destiny. This is what the atheist shall defy , even if faced by a real deity, or in the presence of God too.

In christian scriptures there’s a verse, “…they cursed the God of Heaven , for their pains …” referring to a time of some kind of calamity I think. The point is , the atheist is not the person who needs to see God.

The atheist is the person who’ll try to shoot Him in the head , if He ever did appear.

So , no. There’s no such “experience for an atheist to see God”.

This is the sort of thing they deserve.
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