How to Persuade a Trump Supporter to Reject and Resist Trumpism

By God !

A short treatise on how to undermine a mere man, albeit constitutionally elected to a 200+ year old office, by the indigenous population of Americans and their wholly American local representatives. Before reading this, I thought he’s just another guy trying to put his money where his mouth is.

Thanks to you I’ve learnt something else about this freshly elected President.

Some people are majorly afraid of him, and not just of what he represents. But what he’s doing. Which is just as well.

For HOW-TO manuals, eloquently written to try and control the minds of the public ( ? ) to be required now by the so called ‘left’.

A strategic amalgamation of vested, anti-constitutional , anti-establishment , insurrectionist voices, personal enmities and charismatic cultist politics ; to present to the American population a step-by-step on just how to demolish their own primary constitutional rights, themselves.

They have this sort of thing in Pakistan already. It’s called the jihadi intifaad. They infiltrate a neighboring nation, and gather the youth of particular sidelined or marginalized classes. They teach them to raise slogans, brave water cannons and throw stones, make nuisances. While their legalistic rhetoricians and two-faced human-rights champions ( of things like personal sharia law , and the legal rights to slay children granted by a religion , but in your country ), drive on the battle to undermine the Constitution. Although it doesn’t work to anyone’s benefit, this sort of thing is the only way Arabic Males with Napoleonic Complexes know to live in any society. And this what the poor fat guy with the funny blond hair is trying to save your nation from becoming.

It’s evident from as far away as the orient, so don’t think the natural American citizen will fall for this shite.