I think you meant Sierra Bravo instead of Golf.
Rohan Singh


Actually Richter , Rhinneman and Rodman are all friendly espionage terms. And Romeo is reserved for unkind things, so …

Aaah bhopal in sept ? Well, september everyone is busy, busy , busy so maybe your ass can get stamped in a rush too ! ☺ hee hee I’ll pray you make it, son.

Tip ?: Act as if you are at the end of your patience now, and be very professional.

Screen out is a pretty stupid thing. How does that happen to a guy like you ? My guess is, you clam up or something when you have to speak ? At the speechy intro thing … or in the group debate/speech thing, whatever ?

Or it could be that you jostle around too much and try to make friends or something ? Is that it ? Shaking too many hands, introducing yourself to everybody… that can be inviting a screen out, yupp.

An idjit came upto me at my ssb, “I’m Aaasees from Bihar ! I am your friend.”

I said “I’m not here to make friends.” Everybody looked at me as if I’m an anti-social snob from delhi. I was, maybe. But he was screened out in the next hour. I think I realized what they wanted very early in the game, bro. Extreme physicality, no ideologies or inclinations, someone who’d rather keep his thoughts to himself and can keep from panicking by imposed time limits and stupid rules. In the task, look at everything very closely, hear the guys words and tone when he tells you the problems. There are sometimes one step solutions too !

Just be like a time bomb, that’ll explode only on orders. And don’t smile a lot, or laugh too much. Don’t you have too much fun, bro. This is a job that entails ordering underpaid , hardworking men to endanger their lives for your decisions, they are not lookin’ for happy campers ! The bastards there these days are pretty lame judges of people now, ‘by the book’ jokers. If there’s a war , they’ll be told to fµck off and someone righteous will be put there at all SSBs.

Oh I’m writing my story, and will publish it somehow, Alcatraz already told me enough. I’ll buy me some shares in the firm that owns quora or have the fµckin’ account hacked , HA ! It’s only like a five hundred dollars over paypal to a russian dude , yo ! One login, one time use and … havoc.

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