That’s Victor, and he’s about to get a shit load of downvotes and a profile reporting.
Rohan Singh

Dude ! Of -motherfµckin’ -course it’s fake ! What Aacharya couple would name their son that ?! No shit, sherlock !

As for the Afghanistan thing, that was my fault, I really shouldn’t have released that detail. Besides, even if ye ask the friggin’ COAS if the Afghan contingent is fact , he’ll probably wag his head faster’n a pomeranian puppy wags its arse on seein’ a living thing !

Just so you know, Rhinemann, I think I’ll be publishinin’ this year itself, through Amazon ( how’s that sound ?), shit , I had so many questions for quora , for Alcatraz ( the SF author/writer who left the nda ?) .

Maybe I’ll sign up again. Feel so guilty about it. Like you feel if a homeowner keeps tellin’ you to eff off, an’ you keep crashing in , wearing weirdo hats because you love the wine ! ☺


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