Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? Decades of Denial About America’s Role in the World.
The Intercept

Your organization’s commitment to reinforcing the 1st Amendment would be laudable, if you weren’t so smug in overlooking the fact that the immigrants who do arrive may include the ones who wish to reform all America into a ghetto of wahabist doctrine. If you are not an American, I understand.

If you are an American, shame. But, of course that doesn’t matter to you.

It will matter to you, when they’ll throw people from New York buildings for being gay, and your free speech will be burned for heresy in the streets. Sure, no directives, legislation or laws will be changed. It will be just like the BLM or the Intifad Youth brigade does it’s business. You may think it’s easy to chip away at the American grit, like this, Sir. It’s not religion that drives an upright man, who believes in his land. It’s that fact that his ancestors have invested lifetimes in it.

All the blood that America has spilled, and you’re crying about ?

That does not give you the right to ask American citizens to sit down and behave , while you take your turn.

The populace and its representatives have elected the one person who understood this, and shall help and assist and sacrifice for him all the way. As they have done before. It does not matter to us, whether his hair is weird, or that his colloquialisms and misogyny make him a lech to women who are anyway in the business of humping away to the camera, or that he personally is a catholic or protestant or whatever.

What had him elected was the hope that he is not a traitor.

And so far , he has not acted like a liar. He promised somethings the people wanted to see, he’s trying to get them done.

‘Nuff said.

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