Vanity upon vanity…

I set my heart to seek and search out all that is under the sun…

I’ve searched through all the world,

I’ve gone to many places,

I’ve seen many faces,

The beautiful faces are nowhere to be found,

The powerful cities are now desolate,

The luxury cars are no more in vogue,

I’ve seen all the works that are done under the sun and indeed,

All is vanity upon vanity…

I used to know a beautiful damsel, her name is Toke. I’ve heard people say that ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’, but hey! I beg to disagree, Toke is beautiful from head to toe, her smile is captivating coupled with a perfect dentition. Her speech is enough to melt the hardest of heart.

After 10 years, I decided to check her again to see how she’s faring only to be told she died few months back due to an incurable diseases, I was sad, angry and flabbergasted, I asked myself, ‘so the beautiful ones also die’?

And in my heart, I concluded that life is vanity… the beautiful ones also die.

Also, I used to know a very powerful city called Rockfort, a wealthy city with a strong man as the helmsman. He commands the city with so much power and vigour such that no body dare challenge his authority. All the neighboring towns and villages pay their dues and homages as at when due. His army commands respect throughout the region and far beyond the sea.

So I decided to check my friends in Rockfort after 10 years, and to my amazement, all I saw was ruins and utter destruction with very few people in the city. Then I asked them what happened to the once powerful city, and I was told a king came from very far away region with so great an army that the city could not withstand him and the King had to surrender to him after 6 months of siege and he carted away all the valuables in the city and sold all the able-bodied men as slaves to other kingdoms. Then I asked myself, ‘so powerful cities can become desolate’?

And I concluded that life is vanity…powerful cities can become desolate…

More so, I used to know a brand of a luxury car, so glamorous that it qualifies you into the crème de la crème of the society. From the carefully designed body to the specially built engine, to the classy interior furnishing, it’s the best masterpiece in town. Every rich man’s desire is to have this in his garage.

So I decided to check back after 10 years to see my friend whose father possessed this luxury car years back and quickly rushed to the garage to admire the car as usual. I was surprised I couldn’t see the car in his garage, so I made enquiries from his driver and he told me the car is ‘old school’ and no one is interested in driving such cars in this modern world. Then I asked myself, ‘so luxury cars too can become obsolete?’

And I concluded that life is vanity… luxury cars can also become obsolete …

What will I do ?

I will follow the counsel of the Preacher;

I’ll go, eat my bread with joy,

I’ll drink my wine with a merry heart,

I’ll let my garments be always white,

I’ll shave my beards, clean my body and pour oil on my head,

I’ll live joyfully with the wife whom I love,

For this is the gift of God.

Whatever my hands finds to do, I’ll do it with all my might, for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where I’m going.

For all is vanity upon vanity, chasing after the wind.

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