When I introduce myself to something new, I always ask myself “where do I start?” Where is the beginning? Am I supposed to start with childhood or is that too much? Yet if I do not start there am I limiting myself from all the experiences, the perspectives that I have learned and endured over the years of my life. Yet, I still come back to “where do I start?”

They say that your childhood is the core of who you are and who you have become. This all sounds possible, would you consider that the answers to why? Why I act the way I do or why all of a sudden my anxiety has gotten the best of me. Where I considered my 2013 me to be the best me because I was fearless. I partied my heart out I drunk all the liquor I could, as if it were a free for all. I was fearless, I was sociable and I expressed myself to the fullest.

I wasn’t afraid to tell people how I felt or confront them when need be. I was fearless because through all the heartache I am still living. Ive managed embrace my sexuality because I considered myself “Mother Nature”, that I could love both male and female equally.

Yet, I am fearless. I wake up each day even though its not 2013, that through all the anxiety, depression, therapist visits, hospital visits, medication, marriage, miscarriage. I am fearless.

I start here;