Practical advice on pitching, marketing yourself and setting boundaries for your most successful year yet.

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2020, despite it all, was my most successful year as a freelancer. I landed more clients, made more money and regularly had five-figure months.

I also made mistakes. After 10 years of freelancing for over 100 clients, I’m realising that the freelance landscape is changing — in many ways, for…

The best tone of voice is your customer’s tone of voice

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I started my career as a Fashion Copywriter for luxury brands. My days were spent looking for decorative, aspirational words I could use to enhance product descriptions. Everything was adorned, accented, and embellished. It was fun. Plus, I got to know my way around a thesaurus. Synonyms were my savior.

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The *one* marketing strategy I’ve been recommending to everyone lately? Trust.

Yes. Good, old-fashioned brand trust. Honestly? I’m obsessed with the stuff. And if you’re running a business, building a brand or growing an audience, you should be too.

Because somewhere between Fake News, Covid-19 government failings and the Black…

There’s power in the campaigns we craft and the copy we write. Let’s start using it for good.

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You’ve seen the news. You’ve shared the Instagram posts. But what does the police brutality crisis mean for your brand from now on?

The two may seem disconnected. After all, nobody respects a brand that jumps on the latest trend just because.

But this? This is different. …

Thoughts on hope and starting over, because in the absence of certainty all we have is ourselves.

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In the wake of yet another recession, will you start to redefine your relationship to money and societal expectation? With the possibility of unemployment, will you find a new, healthier relationship to your work? In the absence of social obligation, will you use the silence to finally listen to yourself?

People are still paying Amazon. Give them more opportunities to pay you to help them.

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Ok, real talk: if you’re a small business right now, COVID-19 is especially exhausting.

Everyone’s talking about offering free tutorials and video meetups and content marketing you need to be doing NOW and… woah.

Let’s stop for a second.


As a marketing and communications consultant, here’s one thing I…

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