These absurd photos of young travelers on the ‘Hippie Trail’ raise a lot of questions
Rian Dundon

All the hippies had were ideals that didn’t go anywhere. These pictures depict why in my opinion. It’s beautiful to explore, and strip yourself in order to find yourself. But all you damn hippies did was do drugs, spread ideals,and raise shitty kids which are now making up this shitty society that we live in. You guys didn’t follow through with anything! The guy laying on the floor next to a poor kid in India, reading his book isn’t experiencing life, he is pissing on it. That kid is stuck in that life, everyday, he’s not just there to give meaning to his mundane, insignificant, overprivilaged life. Of course the comments here are against the pictures, you’re all guilty of it! Trump is your karma coming back to bite you in the ass.

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