Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency
Daniel Jeffries

I think I understood where most of the negative comments come from. The idea is that if you give everybody the same amount of cryptocurrency irregardless to their initial investment, that currency will quickly lose its value because everybody will start to trade their share for other currencies or services driving inflation to the stars. And that would be absolutely true if the system continued to pump lots of currency to everybody all the time. But, if the system had some way to link the total amount of currency it distributed in a given time to the current inflation, so that if inflation rises, the system distribute less and less currency, and if inflation slows too much the system distribute more currency, this problem may be solved.

If things worked like that, nobody would ever receive enough currency from the system to make even a modest living without having other means of making money (AKA a real job), I think. What would change from the current currencies (crypto and non) is that nobody, at least initially, would have control on huge amount of currency and the power that comes with that control.

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