The myth of loving yourself first
Karmen Rivera

Love yourself doesn’t mean, spend all your time and money to appear worth of being loved by people who care only about how you look (people unable to love i.e.), it means accept yourself with all your flaws and needs, spend time and energies to nurture your mind and your body, spend time and energies to understand what you want from life and what you need to achieve it and so on. Once you start to do all of these things, to take care of yourself, it becomes easier to value and ultimately love yourself.
And that is the key to be able to actually love other people. Once you value yourself, once don’t need other people validation, you can give yourself to the others without expecting anything in return, because you don’t need anything to feel whole, you can put yourself in the position to getting wounded, because you know you can recover. And giving oneself to the others without expecting anything in return is what love is, in my humble opinion.

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