The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

You guys are free to bed-tan to death. Problem is, when you get a melanoma, your health insurance will have to pay for your treatment, and rise everybody’s premiums. So why should everybody pay for your tanning obsession?
I don’t see better solutions, besides involving the legislator and imposing taxes (same way as we do with cigarettes, as the author pointed out) so that is less likely that people decide to do something that will harm their health and everybody’s pockets, and if they decide to do it anyway, at least they will be giving something back to the community paying those taxes.

Regarding the EpiPen thing: Mylan has (almost) the monopoly thanks to intellectual property protection laws. The kind of laws that are usually well tolerated by free-marketers. So, please, make up your minds.
BTW, I wrote almost because a brief Google search brought me to this page where you can find coupons to buy AdrenaClick, which is pretty similar to EpiPen for about 150$, so I guess that 600$ price won’t last very long.