Journalism Funders Forum launches a pan-European survey into foundations’ approaches to media and journalism funding

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How do European foundations engage with journalism? This question cannot be answered as straightforwardly as it might seem. With the exception of a handful of high-profile journalism funders, many European foundations do not consider media as their core mission, yet may think of it as a complementary or side activity. That makes it very hard to tell who is investing how much and with what kind of objectives, how foundations learn about the sector, and what obstacles they might face.

Hence, the Journalism Funders Forum (JFF), which is rallying European philanthropy around news and current affairs in the public interest, launches a broad survey, aiming to establish a high-level overview of donors’ strategic approaches (or, indeed, lack thereof). This is a first in the European media philanthropy landscape, seeking to establish a benchmark against which to calibrate future activities and research. …

On the importance of algorithmic accountability reporting by Nicholas Diakopoulos, Northwestern University, School of Communication

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Screenshot from ProPublica’s Machine Bias series

You’ve most likely heard by now that we’re working hard on releasing the second edition of the Data Journalism Handbook later this year. Following our successful data workshop at last week’s International Journalism Festival in Perugia we’re happy to share with you the preview of one the selected chapters on investigating platforms and algorithms.

In his piece, The Algorithms Beat, Nicholas Diakopoulos (Northwestern University) discusses the burning issue of algorithmic accountability reporting.

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Nicholas Diakopoulos

“My chapter on algorithmic accountability reporting will, I hope, open data journalists’ eyes to a new beat focused on watchdogging the use of algorithms in society. Algorithmic decision making will only continue to grow in public and private sector usage, and journalists need to be equipped conceptually and methodologically to undertake incisive investigations of these systems. …


Biba Klomp

Managing Journalism Funders Forum @ejcnet. Brussels based. Get in touch @BibaDK

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