Dash Visibility & Governance: Reaching Granny

Dash seems to me to be well placed to become a viable peer to peer payment method. It provides elegant solutions to the problems which prevent Bitcoin from fulfilling that role. The increased visibility of Dash which comes from its rising price is welcome. Clearly more people are taking an interest in Dash, and with Evolution that can only increase. But I wonder how Dash is going to reach the mainstream.

I do not know what constitutes the ‘mainstream’, and I suppose how one reaches it depends on how one defines it. But whilst I read about Bitcoin, Ripple, Waves, and Ethereum in ‘mainstream’ publications (like an recent article about Bitcoin and Ethereum in City AM here in England, or yesterday’s article about Waves in Forbes online version, or the learned article about Ripple in the Michigan Law Review last year) they never seem to cover Dash.

This may, ironically, be due in part to Dash’s self-funding model via the Treasury system. Dash doesn’t need to seek venture capital. Whilst this model has undoubted strengths, it also has potential weaknesses. One is that the seeking of VC, and the need therefore to engage with people outside, helps give something like Waves or Ethereum visibility outside the world of crypto enthusiasts. Another is that there is a danger in Dash becoming rather self-referential. The need to seek outside funding carries with it the challenge of outside opinions. VCs are going to ask questions about your business model which may not occur to insiders. I know the Dash Masternodes are ‘outside investors’, and may be presumed to vote in the best interests of the network, but they don’t necissarily have management experience.

Dash needs that visibility if it is to gain wider uptake. I know that Dash has the aspiration to be the digital currency your granny could use, and I truly think that it has the potential to fulfil that ambition. But granny needs to know about it.

Maybe this has all been thought about, and there is a fully worked out marketing strategy. If so, I would be delighted to know that is the case. Ideally marketing should be in place before the launch of Evolution, I would say.

These are questions and observations rather than anything else.

Originally published at steemit.com on April 5, 2017.