On the banks of Jehlum, I sometimes sit alone where we both once sat together. And I remember your laugh. It was a peculiar laugh one can’t just easily erase from the dungeons of memories.

I threw a stone into the river and asked you to explain me the physics behind those circular repulsions made in the water by the stone. 
What you replied, I understood like; it happens due to the disturbance created by the stone into the peaceful flow.

A simple stone can create chaos -- happening again and again, making circles after circles, and destroying the peace.

Well, you actually defined it very precisely and flawlessly, but I don’t remember that exactly, as Physics is not really my cup of tea.

What I remember is -- I once sat with you on the banks of Jehlum and whenever I sit there now, alone, it reminds me of everything that once was so peaceful, real and soothing. How the stones of inexpressible occurrence of absurd events created chaos into flawless flow of happiness, I fail to understand. I, now, sit there and throw stones into the water to acknowledge : to mess with the process of emotions is never fruitful but hazardous for one’s own emotional world.