Shadows of Time

 I wonder
How time could cast such long shadows!
 What a pity!
How can life be so meaningless?
 Invaluable for some
Life- A nightmare to live with!
As I lost The Madness in my heart
 Like a tear in a lake!
 Will I be going after misery now
Or horror
 in this noise of disbelief?
 There is something more feral
 In the grasp of silence
In the comfort of quite solitude
No smugness- just Blue Shadows
 Some more will leave…
What am I holding on!
Have I to learn to live 
In this new world of Emptiness-
 With hollow rules
Is this the world, for the rest of my life?
No! (Exaltation) - a bugle cries
 awoke my lamentations to ask;
Is to live in it to live in regret?
When all dreams:
that would bring more than mere contentment,
in my core:
 to rest on my eyes
When sometimes the walls shake
When sometimes the doors tremble
A voice ice over my dreamy burning eyes-
 Half blind with tears
Tears roll down my frozen cheeks…
 And then I shout!
Bring on your storms!
Bring on your earthquakes!
With hope of returning to the ‘desert’
Whose trees bear the poems of peace!
Where rivers of fire rush past
The shadows of time- flung across the snowy rocks.
Where I only whisper the prayers of Peace!
everywhere near me!
within me!