Is Love forced?

You know theres many girls and boys out there confused about what “love” really is. How can someone know if their in love? Are they? or is it just another one of those typical teenager memos you hear about every week? At times these teens find their one true love early which most teens call them “The Lucky Ones.” It’s not everyday you seen a teen couple taking about a house and kids. Well if they’re truly committed to each other then I guess that’s the cue to say “Congratulations.” Why you may ask? Well it’s very easy to explain! Like I sad it’s not everyday that you hear teens talking about marriage. The only times I’ve heard a teen couple mention marriage is when the girl got pregnant. Im not trying to make this all critical but, that’s just the way I’ve seen it happen. It’s not a bad thing for teens to get married because of that reason. One question is asked about it a lot.. is it because of the pregnancy or because of love? I have seen parents force their teens to get married because of unplanned pregnancies even though the teens don’t “love” each other. That is why I’m bringing up this topic. Many Parents wonder what is the point of their teens dating or the point of them having relationship at such a young age. Other parents think the teens should have time to experience new things. Okay. Both are good answers but, that still doesn’t answer that facts that teens think they are falling in love. Then get their hearts broken. Even with the past experiences these teens have had before. It seems like they learned nothing about what happened to them before. Some parents say they let their teens make there own decisions because it will help them figure situations on their own. Yet THEY ARE THE PARENTS! That is the reason God put them on this earth! Parents have been slacking on the way they treat they’re teens, but I guess that’s none of my business. I need some more opinions on this for real.

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