Thoughts From a Designer

It’s the end of 2015, and as many before me, the desire to finish the year different than last has driven me to start something I would never have thought I would do. Write a blog. Who am I? What makes what I have to say so special? One would ask. I am a fashion designer. An art form I developed at a young age. Yes, like many people of that time, the women that surrounded me growing up all sewed. But that was not my calling. My calling came from two different sources: one, I love to draw because my older brother liked to draw and since he was the sibling closest to me in age, I wanted to be just like him. So I would draw. And then there was my dad, the real soul of where my fashion drive comes from. Growing up, my dad would say:

“children make sure you are bien abyé (well dressed) you don’t want people talking about you”.

What a profound statement, especially one to say to a nine year old. Maybe he was connected to Joan Rivers in some odd way. That was the beginning of what would be my history of fashion.

Since then, my experience included over a decade of being in the trenches of the shmatteh trade. I studied fashion at Massachusetts College of Art, and then moved on to work for Blauer Manufacturing, Perry Ellis International, and Phillip Van Heusen. After designing millions of dollars’ worth of product for these companies, I realized that I didn’t want to do menswear. So I took the jump, and boy was it a jump, into the entrepreneur world and started my own fashion collection called…well what else…Bien Abyé!

Over the years, I got some of the most interesting questions asked about fashion designing. Even Better, I received some of the most interesting advise about running a fashion business and starting a collection. Maybe it’s the reality shows or the celebrity startups. What most think they know about fashion is really not the case. Rather than keeping my conversation among intimate friends, I have decided to go public with a blog to telling my genuine story.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion designing is an art form. It is not just your local seamstress/tailor and some fabric. It does take an essence of talent to be a designer and with this art comes inspiration. I once spent a summer in Paris attending the Paris Fashion Institute, and one of our lecturers said something to the group which stayed with me forever: “Fashion designers get inspired by everything in life, you go to the ballet, the garden, anything. One can’t just do fashion and create amazing work. You must always be influenced by what is happening around you.” Things that inspire, things to indulge in, ways to entertain, and the real walls that need to be climbed to be successful; and that is what you will find in, “Thoughts From a Designer”, an inside look into the genuine world of a designer.

“The world is full of inspiration, live life Darling!

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