Thoughts From a Designer: Pop-Ups Express a Brands True Vision

Styles from Bien Abyé scarf collection(left), A style from Bien Abyé collection displayed at Pop-up(right)

When 2016 started like many others, I sat down to make a vision board that would act as a road map for the year to come. When its final stage was more apparent, there was one aspect that I really enjoyed envisioning, a trunk show hosted by Bien Abyé. I imagined a pop-up filled with limited edition product that guests would fall in love with. So little did I know that ten months later I would make that aspect of the board a reality by hosting Les Jardins De La Mode pop-up shop.

Right before the holidays began I hosted a pop-up shop to launch the new collection of silk print scarves added to the Bien Abyé brand. “Les Jardins De La Mode” which featured the full vignette of accessories gave shoppers an inside look into the true vision of this addition to the brand. Products from artisans in Haiti and a new collection of artwork from Haitian architect, Eddy Albertini offered guest the opportunity to experience an intimate narrative. The ambiance created with the intent of conveying what a “Bien Abyé” store would be like, included great rhythms of troubadour jazz as clients sipped on wine and explored all the unique merchandise offered.

Artwork by Eddy Albertin(left), Front window of Pop-up(center), Artwork from Artisan Business Network, Haiti(right)

Les Jardins De La Mode gave shoppers the chance to indulge in items that they wouldn’t find at your average department store. The collection of silk scarves trimmed with leather fringe, artisan bowls with hand painted designs, and stationary cards depicting a unique style of sketch artwork was displayed in the space alongside other amazing items. “It felt like being in the private living room of a Bien Abyé Gingerbread house” one client expressed. It’s an experience most shoppers now crave. It justifies their spending and allows them to feel like an individual investor in a brand that is still growing.

So as we enter a new year with new visions and more destinations of pop-ups to host, the focus is to create more experiences for shoppers that are an exclusive and memorable view of Bien Abyé. It “lends a “cool” factor to a brand and builds a loyal clientele” according to Emily Farra of Vogue magazine. That being said, Bien Abyé has a larger map for 2017 which will bring the experience to a destination near you.

“Thoughts From A Designer” are reflections from the creative director of Bien Abyé, Dayanne Danier. For more information on this collection visit