He only worked 7 days
How To Success Your Success Into Succeeding Successfully
Morgan Rock Loehr

Actually he worked 6 days and got the seventh day off. It would have been 5 days but he didn’t join the union.

Adolf Hitler was a painter. All he succeeded in was starting a world war. Mind you. He thought having a Charlie Chaplin mustache was a good look to have so what did he know.

You know that thing where if you are bad in this life you pay for it in the next. You have to wonder what the guy called Guy did in a previous life. Maybe he was Hitler. But then again that begs the question, was starting a war that brought about the deaths of 50+ million people bad enough to come back as Guy.

I would have read your book but I am still getting a headache from reading the title of this essay.

Going for a lay down now. See if the room stops spinning.

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