Yes. But you are extraordinary, brilliant, thoughtful and kind. A rare breed, indeed. ❤
Sherry Caris

As much as anything I am also curious. First question is what is it. Second question is how best to deal with it. If I can help then so much the better.

I could have found out the information and passed it on. But it is just as easy to actually do something about it. It also lets my partner know that she is not alone and that I’m here for her.

In many ways this is more of a modern phenomenon because of longer life spans. In the past many women did not live long enough to go through perimenopause. In fact many would not have lived long enough to even reach this stage. For the very poor in 19th century Britain the average life expectancy was just 14 years. For those who survived the first five years, and that took an extremely high toll, getting through childbirth would be the next big danger for a woman. So living long enough to reach perimenopause was rare.

If my half of the population wants to be altruistic they should remember that the choice is helping and being there or live with a woman who does not have mood swings but an entire mood fairground. Anyone for the rollercoaster?

Happy trails.

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