Post famine Irish-American immigrants had one of the lowest birthrates in European history.

I always find it interesting as to what people consider the Norm. Prior to WWI about half a million British men emigrated every year. That and the number of men who were killed during the war meant that by the 1920s there was an imbalance of men to women of some two million women. My first school head was one such woman. Someone who devoted her life to teaching children. Because of the imbalance she was never in a position to be part of the norm and get married.

But many of these women set up home with other women. Ostensibly for company and friendship but often as a couple in all but name. Some fairly openly but others not so. Being in a lesbian relationship was not then the Norm. But nevertheless many thousands were.

And the Modern idea of people living together, which is now becoming the norm, is not that modern and has been around for centuries.

One thing I do know. When someone tells me something is the Norm it’s because they have not been paying attention.

Interestingly these two million women were thoughtfully and sensitively referred to a Surplus Women. Like someone had over ordered. Some office junior had added too many noughts on the end of the order.