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I very much agree with you here, Mike. Being able to talk directly with others would be a great help. If you highlight something the other person wrote you can send a private message but it is very limiting, especially as you as limited in the number of characters you can use. And what you highlight may not be relevant to what you wish to talk about.

I have swapped email addresses with a couple of people on Medium but that means if I want to contact them about something they wrote on Medium I have to then open up my email account and email them. But if I do not have their email account I cannot do that. So being able to contact people direct would be so much easier.

I can also understand your frustration in the line indentations. I enjoy your poetry, Mike, but I have realised that it is not being displayed at its best. And, as you say, part of the art of poetry is the typography.

The upside for Medium is that a more poetry friendly site means it becomes more attractive to poets.

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