I will not repeat the old joke that a Welsh Rarebit is a Cardiff virgin. Even though it was said by a Welsh comedian

Never sure if the use of the term Welshing came from the people of Wales or from someone who’s family name was Welsh. And I think the Scots would tell you they are thrifty. Depends on your point of view I suppose. Though I would be careful with that one if I was you. The Scots, or Scotii, originate from Ireland, as you do.

“ My bet is we could make fun of Carthaginians, Vandals, and Ostrogoth’s to our hearts content and nobody would care.” Personally I would not try that. The Romans did and it caused all sorts of trouble. Especially the Carthaginians, unless having you carpet covered in elephant crap was the effect you are looking for.

The late Irish comedian Dave Allen once said there is a place for people like your pofaced* schoolmarm. It’s a bog in the west of Ireland.

*A British word meaning “having an assumed solemn, serious, or earnest expression or manner.” Also referred to as a “right misery.” A term of derision.

I find it interesting how we have the same language but use it in different ways. I have noticed some Americans describing women as thick rather then fat. I look forward to the American who tries that on a British girl Here the term thick describes a persons lack of intelligence and comes from saying someone is “as thick as two short planks”. You can just see the scene. Having just called a British girl thick he then goes onto say that what he meant was she’s fat. So if you see one of your fellow countrymen who has been to the UK and is now walking around with his head in a bucket, you know why.

After World War 2 we had a shortage of manpower and a need to rebuild. As a result we had an influx of black people from the West Indies to help run the public transport and Irish to help rebuild. Unfortunately not everyone was happy with this so where people rented out rooms you would sometimes see notices saying “No blacks, no Irish and no dogs” So there is a black haired Irish setter looking at the notice thinking “What the fuck!”.

Happy trails. :)

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