Weirdly Human
Rachel Selkirk

It turned out Pennie’s pink heels were not as useless as all that. I won’t mention what use she put them too but it helped pay for the couch.

Debra has now split from Petrie as she found how Pennie paid for her couch.

Aiden has made his “Salt and Pepper” relationship official and they plan to marry in the spring.

Mrs. Montclair’s husband went out to buy himself a newspaper 27 years ago and disappeared. She has had him declared legally dead and claimed the, substantial, life insurance. It is rumoured he is living with a Ladyboy in Thailand with his share of the insurance.

Petrie now lives with a pole dancer called Broccoly in a motel. Her original stage name was Candi but she changed it when someone told her broccoli was good for you.

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