My funny Peter, I have no Yorkshire ancestors, as far as I know, nor do I have any Yorkshire in me…
Sherry Caris

My Delightful Sherry,

You don’t want any Yorkshire in you. You don’t know what you are missing girl.

I have heard of blood sausage but never encountered it. So how close it is to black pudding I cannot tell. I also love Wensleydale cheese. I love to crumble it into scrambled egg and have it on toast. my main problem is that I get too enthusiastic with the cheese and it end up more like cheese sauce.

If you look at Hungary's history it may explain much. For centuries it was the junior half of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And I seem to remember it got a bit of a thumping about from the Turks and before the Gengis Khan. And when they finally get rid of the Austrians the Germans turned up. Then once they had departed it was the Russians. I mean. There are only so many shoulders you can look over. That constant head spinning has got to affect your mental equilibrium.

As for your body. I mean when you told me you were a loose woman I did not think you meant you were falling to pieces. Maybe you will have to be a Steampunk cyborg.

Just realised how appt your name is. Sherry. Sweet, intoxicating and too much makes your legs go funny.

Happy trails