Hitler Will Never Be Killed
Peter Bandrowsky

Thanks Ignatius. Very entertaining, and very informative. But the question is, do you really need to kill Hitler. If you look at his rise to power there were a number of occasions when just a slight change could have stopped him. If things had been slightly different then the Nazis would have been consigned to the cesspit of history.

But the more important question is, even if we could change history should we? As someone who has studied history, especially the Second World War, I am fully aware of what happened. But setting aside all of that for a moment I think there is something else we should think about. The world we live in today is a direct result of WW2.

I sit here typing this on my laptop. Without Hitler Colossus, the world’s first computer designed to break German codes, would probably never have been built. Because of WW2 we had the Cold War. Without the Cold War would we have had the Internet? So I am sat here typing a message to all here on Medium who wish to read it. Wherever they are in the world.

How much of our world relies on computers? Not just your mobile phone. Not just your TV. Everything.

Take a look at your local hospital and see what they do there. We have just had a big story about using a proton beam which will help defeat cancer. Operated my computers.

The world we live in is one shaped by WW2.

Yes many millions of people died in WW2. But do you know what the biggest killer of humans is? The mosquito. Specifically the one which carries malaria.

If you do get enough money for a time machine then spend it instead on eradicating malaria.