Hugues Hansen, Managing Director Start’inPost

You have decided to be a partner for Big Booster. What is your main motivation to join this brand new international startups acceleration program?

By joining this high level international program, we hope to meet entrepreneurs from all over the world who are able to change the world! As a startup accelerator backed by a large corporation as Le Groupe La Poste (€22.2bn revenues in 2014, 18% on international markets), we want to help early-stage startups to win the French market by connecting them to the powerhouse of our Group (#1 physical network in France and over 1,500 sales people nationwide).

How Big Booster program could benefit to your company?

By joining the Project Selection Committee, Start’inPost could optimize its technology watch and source the most promising startups in the 3 areas that we are focused on:

  • Digital B2B services (advertising technology, SAAS, Cloud & Mobile apps, Big data, customer experience…)
  • Local services (logistic,shipping, silver economy, e-health, IoT, smart city, cleantech…)
  • Digital trust (data protection, security, payment, sharing economy…)

Which relationship will be settled between selected start-ups and key partners?

As a key partner, selected start-ups could benefit from the power of a large company as Le Groupe La Poste. Our goal is to help start-ups bring innovative services to the market, hand in hand with La poste’s business units. That is why the first stage of our program is to test your solution on the field with pilot clients in order to get feedback from the French market

What is Start’inPost?

Start’inPost is a startup accelerator backed by Le Groupe La Poste (€22.2bn revenues in 2014, 18% on international markets) that focuses on supporting innovative early-stage ventures.

Our goal is to connect your team (and vision and expertise) to the powerhouse of our Group (#1 physical network in France, over 1,500 sales people nationwide, one of the largest customer base in the country). So we’ve built a unique one-year program including access to La Poste assets to test your product/service on the French market, mentoring, personalized workshops (to work on your product and growth strategy, investor pitches,.. depending on your needs) and, in some cases, seed-funding.

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