Laurent Auguste, Veolia Executive SVP Innovation & Markets

What makes Big Booster original or different from other acceleration programs?

Innovation is above all about making possible something that seemed impossible. Starting with the needs on the ground, it’s about discovering solutions that will allow you to overcome or get around obstacles. In the world in which we live, one challenge is to get together the right ingredients (people, ideas, entrepreneurs, academics, companies, etc) to create disruption.

Therefore, the recent launch of Big Booster is a great news ! It is offering the opportunity to gather the strenghts of two major innovative ecosystems : Lyon (France) and Boston (USA). It will create opportunities for entrepreneurs with international ambitions to generate cutting-edge innovation in the fields of health, digital, environment, supported by a strong mentoring and networking program.

What kind of connections will be made between the selected start-ups and the partner corporations?

For a company, being innovative means being completely open to the world, having a free spirit. To innovate, it’s not enough to have the best technologies, it is necessary to encourage interactions between different environments (industry, cities, organizations, etc) and areas of activity outside the traditional boundaries.

Therefore, Big Booster offers the opportunity to create innovative partnership between disruptive start ups and partners, such as Veolia. Partners’ support will help the startups to boost their innovative project while receiving tailored-made support and network connections. For Veolia, it’s a great chance to participate to this open innovation process and source the most promising startup in the digital and environment field. It’s a win-win relation that will help us turn innovation into tangible and impact-making solutions.

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