The goal of Big Data Block is to remove all technical barriers for end users or miners and simply have the system run. No tweaking or trying to determine how to run the data processing. The users of BDB won’t need any technical skills — no tech installs or setup of any tech components required. We are 100% focused on solving the problem of processing big data.

I do believe the Golem’s and Sonm’s of the world might be efficient at the AI/Machine Learning aspect as that is more about raw processing power. …

Why We Created Big Data Block

It’s been an amazing journey getting to this moment. Before I take you for a ride in the wayback machine and share all that has gone into getting to this point I want to let you know that we appreciate you coming and learning more about BDB. Thank you for taking the time to learn about what we are doing. The blockchain community is very important to us. Don’t hesitate to challenge us or ask questions or send us praise. We accept it all!

The best place to start is around six years ago when myself, Brett Singer, and Simeon Schnapper were playing around with another business idea and building a site for it. At the time Bitcoin was not well known and trading in the $6 range. We were looking at how people could pay on our site using Bitcoin, but ultimately decided to scrap the idea and to sell our Bitcoin when it reached $9. I mean that’s a 50% profit, right? That business idea never took off but it was a fun adventure working on it and I know I certainly learned a lot. Yes, we do occasionally discuss what could have been with all that BTC but the past is just that, so why spend time worrying about what could have been? …

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