Falling in Love

When it is love, you know it.

I thought I felt in love in almost every relationship I was in.
I thought I was doing all I could to make it work.
The fact is that I always had the second thought about whether I would have done it for that person.
It was also true that I did what I could at the time given that circumstances.
I had no regret.
What I really gathered from the past relationships is that I was romatic and I always believe in true love,
despite what my close buddies would comment “woa, you really met ‘interesting’ people!”
What I also discovered along the way was what I care about and what makes go away.

Things happen for a reason.
I totally did not ever think that I could find someone through the organizing
but it did happen to me. Both of us agreed that it was never expected and things moved along really fast. That is what we call it “Love at first sight”.

Falling in is always easier as it takes no responsiblity nor commitment at that point of time.
However, being in love is living the life. It is sweet, sour etc.
It has been ## days since we met and ## days since we got together.
We have been through quite a bunch, leaving the rest of the days with good things.

All I wanted to say here is “Folks, there is someone out there for you. Don’t stop till you find the person.


When it is love, you know it.

Join the party and you might meet someone there too!

Guess soon, I shall start Big Dee Match Making services.

Big Dee

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