This is a message to all those who RSVPed for FIT FIT Group.
The date is tentatively set as 3 OCT.

Hey Ya,

This is Big Dee! I have gotten your RSVP for this week’s FIT FIT group get-together FUN! Thanks for your patience and response! Here are a few things I need from you before I can send you an invitation & confirm the group & venue!

1) One CLEAR FACE & ONE CLEAR BODY pictures are needed from you, since it is meant for FIT FIT!
(If you do not want your picture to be shared to the whole group, you need to tell me! if You do not wish to share any picture, then I won’t be able to invite you! sorry about that!)

2) We will have a medium group based on RSVP list. In order to make sure we all can enjoy without any concern or disturbance! We might be hosted or simply go to a good hotel. If we do go to a hotel, there will be cost involved to make this happen! I will request to you make a deposit S$20–30 prior to the confirmation.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying first, then I cannot force you either. Big Dee cannot cover the cost by myself, despite my time and efforts. If you don’t trust Big Dee or you are worried about a S$30 scam, then Big Dee’s group is not meant for you.

3) Your contact number is a must for communication! Big Dee does NOT SPAM. I do not share your contact to anyone. Even if you have told me “if anyone likes me and wants to contact me, just give them my number”, I simply WON’T!

If you are ok with all the 3 above, then I can provide you more details, and

a) You have the time till Thursday 23:59 to send me your pictures!

b) Once the group is confirmed, you will need to provide your contact number by Friday 12pm.

PLEASE act fast so we can confirm by tomorrow night to arrange the venue!

Big Dee

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