Why Do I Love Apple More.

I am not used to watch the new product launching conferences or other special apple events before. Well that makes my opinion uni-spectrum and subjective. And biased, to some extend. If this article may lead to any sort of discomfort, please bear with it as you are the one who choose to read it.

After watching the first half of the special event recording on 21st March, I loved the Apple identity more. Reason? Simple. The public comments on how the event is not interesting nor good nor is the new iPhone SE useful nor is there no breakthroughs in such events.. etc, such comments are as worthless as the words they are describing. Especially, if they ever, ever, ever thought about the initiatives of certain changes made by Apple, they will flush on the articles they’ve written.

I am not a professional, not even a half amateur designer, but even lesser people think from a designer point of view.

That is where the user matters. Where the values come in. Is where you start to think about making changes, respect sustainability, take responsible for the environment, as well as - as mentioned by Tim - the responsibilities for such an influential company throughout the entire globe.

When they talked about Liam, the recycling robot, and research- and care-kit initiatives for health, I felt goosebumps all over, once and again. This is not some fancy high technology or fancy product breakthroughs that people are looking forward to. But these are usefulness, benefits to the planet, hope for those people who are still suffering and for those who actually need the help outside of your comfort zones. The world, as we might be aware or not, has more problems than we ever known. The environment is one, health, social relationships, resources, manpower, psychological disorders, self-identity crisis… You name it.

I admire and respect Apple for their initiatives of recognising and attaching their attention to these problems. They are capable of making proper and good use of the large user and resource base, and investigate in the real values they could bring in to the world. After all, true value is never measured by its market share or value assessment. Just think about how they have transformed the financial power into addressing global problems. How iPhone SE is created for those new-entries to the Apple market for a better transiting experience, whatsoever. I know a lot of people talk about they want to reuse the moulds for the previous iPhone models etc… I mean, as if they ever lack of the money to rebuild the moulds…

As an entry level product and user experience designer, I withhold a Mech. Eng degree and currently working on designs for social interactive robots. I’ve read recently about these critics running around talking how Apple could ruin an entire start up initiative by taking a simple move in the field, that the startups are risky, insecure and questionable. And supposedly, entrepreneurs should really think about the competitive advantages of their work under such a “threat”. I could argue this from cultural perspective, market target perspective or any other perspectives. However, I would rather not to argue about it. And rather, hope that Apple may start to work on it. Imagine how impactful it is if they could push good product ideas forward. Or it might just be the case that I’m withholding a brilliant robot idea that I wish to push forward. What might be even better (or daydream), is that I could even work in a R&D team of company as influential as Apple, to have the power of being broadly influential to people.

Leave the redundant imagining part behind. A part of my personal goal is to build influential products and designs to benefit the users or the global environment. Dreams as they are, seemed big, start small, and are always achievable step by step overtime.

Dream Big. Dream to the Grandest. Hope for the best that is yet to come. This is our time.