My First Experience With Advertising My Podcast

I am a 20-year veteran of the radio industry and a podcaster-turned-podcast coach for a little over three years now. And I realized I was being a hypocrite when it came to podcasting.

We’re always asking for sponsorships for our own podcasts and we (me included), never pay to advertise our own podcasts to others.

We ask for sponsorships, but we don’t sponsor.

So I vowed on an earlier episode of my podcast “Career In Audio” that I was going to pay for advertising and see what kind of measurable benefit I could get from it.

I figured I’d share the results here for this community. I like participating a ton in this page and I do way more learning from you all than giving any value. I thought this might help take a little off my tab, if you will.

So, I primarily use the Overcast app as my podcast player. And at the bottom of the player, there is a small banner ad that buyers can buy. Primarily, at least in my experience, it is purchased by other podcasters that will take the opportunity, small as the banner is, to get people to tap one time and immediate be sent to their podcast page inside Overcast, without ever being taken out of the app.

Here’s the bottom 1/4 of your smartphone screen in the Overcast app with an ad attached (the ad is not mine, this is just an example):

Bottom 1/4 of a smartphone screen ad on the Overcast app

I thought I would do this.

So I went to and decided I was going to buy an ad for a month to see what happened.

Here was the menu I was greeted with:

Overcast Ad Menu

So, with my podcast that is geared toward educating current and future podcasters, I thought the best place to put my podcast was the “Education” category, meaning that my ad would be showed inside other people either playing or searching for podcasts in the Education category.

At the time of my purchase, the cost was $150 for an ad for one month in the Education category (it appears it’s gone up $60 in just over a month. DAMN!).

So… here was my ad:

It’s small and it’s spectacular!

Okay, so… after all of that… here are my findings.

Ad Run Start: April 20, 2018

Ad Run End: May 19, 2018

Views: 38,693

Taps On Ad: 2,938 (7.6% of people who viewed gave our ad a tap)

Subscribers: 112 (3.8% of people who gave our ad a tap then subscribed)

Total Ad Spend: $150

Cost per Subscriber Gained: $1.34

So, here are some initial thoughts from me on this.


- Although I haven’t tried advertising an actual podcast inside Facebook Ads, I can’t say for certain, but I would guess that I would be unable to get 2,938 highly-targeted clicks from Facebook straight to a podcast player where you can literally hit the “play” button in one tap for $150.

- Since everything from the ad buying to the listener subscribing was inside the same ecosystem, it was cool to see exactly how many subscribers I got from the ad spend.

- I’m just fine with $1.34 per subscriber. I think that’s more than fair. I would’ve been happy with much less, honestly. If people are subscribing. These people, I hope, will be raving fans for a long time. To get them in the door at $2-$3 per subscriber would be great with me. Nevermind $1.34.


- I wish I knew how many of those who subscribed are still subscribers now. I’m sure many subscribed for a short amount of time, sampled, and unsubscribed.

- I imagine I could’ve targeted down my audience even further if there were more niched categories to advertise to inside Overcast.

Nevertheless, this is what I got from it. If you have any questions, let me know. I’m happy to share!

I will now no longer feel like a hypocrite when asking for sponsors now that I’ve done a little advertising myself!