by Joel Hanna, big little brush founder

I had big stokey fun catching up with Sara Rickards from Futuregiving and Reunion. She’s a hugely experienced and inspiring person when it comes to living well. Sara’s constantly assessing the way she lives and always aims to achieve the maximum possible impact with how she spends her time. In her words she constantly “composts” her life, by breaking things down and starting again with newness and freshness.

We talked about so many things and I thought I’d summarise Sara’s 5 tips for living well once we’re all out of this lockdown sitch.

№1 — Acknowledge the country you’re on

Recently, we spoke about how good habits take time, and that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it. Getting as ripped as Thor doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does living a zero-waste life. But let’s say that you’ve decided to hit the gym daily, and you’re making big changes towards sustainability in your lifestyle. What then?

Unfortunately, the reality is that you may not see the effects of your great habits for a while. We know, it sucks to hear, but stay with us, because I promise it’s going to be okay.

Since 1917, Majuli Island in Northeast India had…

It’s almost inevitable that each day you’ll hear words like, global warming, climate change and recycling. If you’re really listening: perhaps zero waste, microplastics and great pacific garbage patch. Stay with me here!

The feeling of ‘what can I do?’, or ‘how do I make a difference?’ can be overwhelming.

After all, we can’t all be expected to fit 4 years of trash into one mason jar, although goodness knows I tried. For a week. And failed!

Anne-Marie Bonneau, creator of The Zero Waste Chef said, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions…

Photo credit: Red Dust

Can you believe it’s been a year since we launched? We’re so incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported us in our first year.

It’s nice to see some new customers coming through, especially those who don’t have the same last name as us!

We’re a social enterprise, and we measure our success as a company by what we’ve be able to contribute to our partners.

In our first year we’ve been able to:

  • Contribute $2,300 to Red Dust
  • Donate 800 big little brushes to their Healthy Living Program
  • Save 3,228 plastic toothbrushes from dying in our oceans and landfill…

Joel Hanna, Co-founder, big little brush

Purpose conference is about new economies and next-generation sustainability in companies.

It tackles responsible entrepreneurship and human wellbeing, right up our big little brush alley!

Joel from our team was there and also speaking on a panel.

Here’s all the goodness we picked up. It’s like you were there! you’re welcome 😉

Paul Hawken


Keynote speaker and author of Drawdown, Paul Hawken, believes that “We can absolutely reverse climate change in our own lifetime.

Paul posits that human behaviour and routine are the root cause of our climate problem, so in turn, we are also…

Laura Wilson, big little brush

Photo credit: The Colour Eve

In the last year since joining the big little brush team, I’ve been inspired to take my plastic reduction at home to the next level. I’ve always thought household plastic items from the supermarket are really ugly, so one of the pleasant side effects of moving toward zero waste is that my house actually looks better.

Note I said ‘moving towards zero waste’, as trying to make better choices is a progression and it doesn’t happen instantly, will look different for everyone, nor will it ever be perfect.

Completely package free stuff is really hard…

It’s been a while since we told you what we’ve been up to, so here’s a quick snapshot…


We’re continuing to work closely with our mates at Red Dust and Indigie Grins to suss out how best we can support them with our financial contributions. So far we’ve been stoked to contribute close to $1k in cash and toothbrushes. We’ve got some more funds earmarked to contribute to our program partners once we work out the best approach with them.

In order to keep the organisation humming along, we’ve re-invested in a couple of key areas (new website and a…

Clara Bradley — all round good egg!

Plastic Free July is a West Australian born initiative that asks us to consider more thoroughly the things that we consume, especially single-use disposable plastics — coffee cups, plastic straws, takeaway containers/cutlery and the classic zero waster’s worst nightmare, the plastic bag.

Plastic — once convenient and now exhausting the planet — is in almost everything, extremely difficult to completely avoid and most of it doesn’t degrade. A lot of our daily rubbish will far outlive us.

One of the main issues that Plastic Free July is trying to raise awareness of is…

Joel Hanna, Co-founder, big little brush

Updated: September 20, 2017

We recently stopped by the Red Dust office to meet with Nina and Scott to drop off a batch of big little brush toothbrushes for their Healthy Living program. So cool to meet them in person and hear first hand about the important work that they do to #closethegap.

The Healthy Living program, which operates in remote indigenous areas around Central Australia, teaches primary school students the essential elements to good health including nutrition, hygiene, substance misuse and physical activity. All of this is conducted in a conscious and respectful…

Joel Hanna, Co-founder, big little brush


Andrew and I arrived in Ningbo today. A couple of hours south of Shanghai on the east coast of mainland China. The locals consider Ningbo a small city, with a population of a staggering 7.6m people which is growing at around 4% per annum. Our local guide Jacky met us off our plane and took us into town (he’s a duuude!).

📷 Andrew and Jacky

Tomorrow we’re headed to meet and hang out with the company that will hopefully be making our (and your) toothbrushes. …

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big little brush is a social enterprise that takes really little things, like toothbrushes, and uses them to do great big things.

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