12 Webinar Statistics You Need to Know

1. Your Webinar Should Be Between 30 and 45 Minutes Long

2. People Will Only Commit to One Webinar Per Week

3. Morning is Best for Hosting Webinars

4. Tuesdays Are Best for Hosting Webinars

5. You Absolutely Must Include a Q&A at the End of Your Webinar

6. Be Passionate and Interesting

7. Webinar Statistics Prove You Need to Go Long with Promotion

8. Send Your Emails Midweek

9. About a Third of Those Who Sign Up Will Actually Attend Your Webinar

10. The Average Number of Webinar Attendees Is 148

11. Record and Replay Your Webinars for Best Results

12. The Cost of a Webinar Differs Greatly, but Almost Everyone Is Paying



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