I want my baby back…

Smoked these bad boys today.

Didn’t have any brown sugar for the rub, so used Andy’s rub only. Went to my buddy’s house to grab the last of his stuff from his move and found some Bone Suckin Sauce there. Glazed the ribs when we got back.

The ribs were excellent. We both prefer them a bit past “competition” style. For competitions you need a bit of a tug and a clean bite. When you go a bit beyond, the meat pulls apart quite easily, making it a bit harder to make the ribs look nice when cutting them.

If you go beyond that, the meat turns to mush and isn’t very good.

Another thing that isn’t very good, is ribs cooked on a gas grill or in the oven. I see some people use wood chips on their gas grill, but I’ve never tried it. But I think you need a fire under it get the full flavor out of it.

We watched the Sharks lose while doing so. Hockey is a game that I should like more, but it runs concurrent with the NBA season so it gets lost in the wash. Not to mention the NFL is on during the first half, and even basketball has trouble getting a look during that time.

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