Why Hillary Clinton Should Not be President

Hillary is part of the establishment politics more than any other Presidential candidate currently. She plays ball and they know it. Her corporate sponsors, which are the same as Obama and Bush’s sponsors (for the most part) know that she’s a player and that’s why they’re doubling down on Hillary.

To be fair, Clinton isn’t the only one taking money from the mouth that bites us. It is a pretty standard deal for politicians these days, especially since the Supreme Court ruled that money = speech.

But just because ‘everybody’s doing it’ doesn’t mean that a candidate has to — look at Bernie Sanders… the perfect example of how to run a special-interest-free campaign. He doesn’t take corporate money, nor does he accept large donations from wealthy people. Why doesn’t he? Because he doesn’t want to be obligated to play ball.

Hillary tells us that her donors will do nothing to skew her views, but do we really believe that? When we have a candidate running that takes 0 dollars from special interest groups, why risk it? Because she’s a woman? Because her last name is Clinton?

Whatever your reasons, it’s important to know the Clintons rose to power, not because of their wonderful ideology, but because of their ability to play the game and because of the skeletons in their closet.

Since the name Clinton became synonymous with US politics, they have both been mired in scandal, but those aren’t the skeletons these two people have that worry me. Their skeletons are much worse, but we’ll likely never know them because of their willingness to play ball.

The political elite in this nation all have something horrible to hide, whether it’s Hastert having an issue keeping his zipper closed around 14 year old boys or Larry Craig needing to solicit gay sex in a bathroom out of shame for his hatred for himself.

They have things to hide, and the elite in this nation know what those skeletons are; it keeps them all in line; it keeps them playing the game. We know this is true and having another Clinton in the White House means we will get more of the same.

She will walk into the White House and her first order will be to bring a ROI (return on investment) to her Wall St. cohorts and her Super PAC donors.

Don’t let that fake smile fool you, folks. She and Bill have been doing some pretty nasty things, including but not limited to potential homicide, drug smuggling, and other things (those are just the things we know). But it’s what we know we don’t know that we need to worry about.

The strings will be pulled and the Clinton Marionettes will be in full clackity-clack swing. You have been warned.