Determining Minimum Win Size in Sports Betting

If you tackle sports betting like I do, you probably have a Minimum Win Size for every bet you make. There is no math involved, you just know how much money you want to make on each bet you place. There is paperwork required. Every bet should be tracked no matter the size. A sports bettor should know where he is at all times with his bankroll. Some people think differently, but I track everything.

For the purpose of discussion, say my Minimum Win Size is $10. For a me to make 10 off odds of -110. I have to bet $11. For me to make 10 off of odds of +120. I have to bet $8. Not sure what your Minimum Win Size is but in my opinion every sports bettor should have one.

My reason for focusing on Minimum Win Size is to simplify my betting process as much as possible. If odds are greater than -120. I’m going to spend a lot more to make that $10. If the odds are -110 or less. I can spend less to achieve my Minimum Win Size.

Originally published at on October 22, 2015.

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