3 Steps To Changing The World

Everybody talks about changing the world. We hear it in popular songs, political speeches, from the mouths of celebrities, on television and in everyday conversations. But it seems to remain this abstract concept — this story everybody talks about while usually still going about business as usual, often slaving for the very system they wish to change.

What are we missing here? Is it really up to great philosophers, politicians, PhDs and experts of all sorts to figure out this whole “changing the world” thing? Nah. The world is full of those, and look where we are at.

The problems of this world might be complex, but we believe the formula for world change is actually quite simple. It goes something like this:

1. Find Your Super Power

The world doesn’t need one superhero, here to save the powerless masses. It needs empowered individuals who have found their own super power. You know that thing you’re uniquely good at, that makes you come alive and forget that time exists?

Whether that’s being a great writer, communicator, listener, artist, strategist, intuitive, engineer, inventor, or simply being extra passionate about a certain subject; you can be certain that your super power is absolutely needed for a cause that will make a difference in the world.

We think that being “conscious and aware” is about spending all of our time filling our Facebook walls with posts of a dying world… but that was so 2012. Darkness isn’t fought with more darkness; it is literally cancelled out by light. So why not ignite our own, and use it to light up this world?

2. Find Your Tribe

A single candle may help illuminate a small corner in an unlit room, but several candles can illuminate it entirely. Once you have discovered the unique puzzle piece that you are, you need to connect with other pieces that have superpowers you don’t!

Dear entrepreneurs of this world, you don’t actually need to do everything on your own. That is a myth. There is a reason why you’re not good at every single thing, or that you feel burned-out when you try to do it all. This whole “every man for himself” philosophy is actually spread on purpose, by those who don’t want to see our combined superpowers destroy the status quo. They’d rather have people too exhausted to accomplish anything of real value.

For any meaningful initiative to come to fruition, you need a team of people who get to focus on the very thing they’re good at and love to do. YES, this means that “working” can be a total blast. When this concept takes over this world, we’ll call it “play” like we used to as children. Imagine being able to do what you love alongside a team who share your passion and complement your abilities?

P.S. This is what I am currently experiencing with the WeCO team. I am having the best time of my life working with people who share my passion for the cause, and who give me the space to do what I am best at. What more could I ask for?

3. Have Fun!

When we discover our own potential and combine it with others, miracles happen. What once seemed like a huge and arduous mountain to climb… starts feeling like a fun hike with great friends.

Whether our goal is to solve poverty, heal the environment, care for the elderly, help animals, reform the education system, build sustainable communities or simply make people smile — pooling our resources, talents, and hearts together makes changing the world a fun and expansive ride. One that isn’t solely about the destination, but about how rich the journey can be. The lessons you’ll learn, the people you’ll meet and the beautiful things you’ll co-create as you follow your calling will make it obvious how absurd it is to stay isolated in a corner, endlessly complaining about society. After all, we are society!

Are you ready to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life, get your tribe on board and set your own destination?


Written by: Elina St-Onge