How I Met WECO!

I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger. I dreamt of finding “my tribe” of people — an environment where I would feel a true sense of belonging. Maybe because I have always felt different and alienated in the past. I had wished for it dearly, but did not know when or if it would ever become a reality for me. All I had ever known was this feeling of never quite fitting in with those around me, and always having to adapt or change myself to feel accepted. It never quite felt right.

I had accumulated unfulfilling jobs; most of which were toxic for me and my growth. I tried many different programs in University which didn’t resonate with me, yet I pushed myself to make it through because I was told they were my ticket to success. I surrounded myself with people that I didn’t really connect with or relate to, because I didn’t know any better. I piled up experiences that were far from aligned with my Soul and true inner calling, only to find myself more miserable and disconnected than I would wish upon anyone.

Things started shifting once I slowly started to remove, layer by layer, the ingrained ideas instilled within me by society of what I “should” be doing. I could finally hear my inner guidance I had previously silenced, and I began exploring what I truly wanted to experience. Synchronicities and perfectly orchestrated ‘incidents’ started appearing, sometimes from the smallest, seemingly meaningless decisions.

One of these moments happened last Sunday.

The Day Everything Changed

I had heard about this inspiring event of Speakers happening in Montreal, and while I am usually always up for that kind of event, I hadn’t felt drawn to this one at all — not to mention I had work that day. The day before the event, however, I had this nagging intuitive feeling that I should be there. I simply decided to follow that whisper and show up. Little did I know, this seemingly random decision ended up opening the doors to an array of new opportunities and possibilities!

First off, missing work that day cost me my job. But that job never fulfilled me anyways, and I had wanted to quit for a while. Secondly, I met the founder of an amazing emerging project, who gave me the opportunity to join the next day! In a matter of a couple of hours, right after choosing to following my feelings and inner guidance, my reality shifted from dull, unfulfilling and confusing to a taste of freedom and excitement!

Finding My Tribe

When I heard Simon Swerdlow stand up and talk with passion about his baby “Weco,” something started tingling within me. As if it woke up a side of me that had been dormant, the one that craves new and exciting opportunities to grow and learn. I had been hearing stories of personal transformations the whole day, yet the only thing that stood out for me, were those 3 minutes Simon spoke. When I later took the opportunity to thank him for speaking, I had the chance to connect with him and Elina, Weco’s Creative Director. Our interaction confirmed even more that this is what I need and desire in my life. The excitement and effervescence I felt in them were palpable! Not only the project itself — which is absolutely revolutionary — but the vibe these people emanated attracted me like bees to honey! I didn’t even need to know any specifics about the project, yet I was already hooked. And of course the fact that it is all about connecting, collaborating and creating a new revolutionary way of interacting couldn’t be more aligned with what I had been longing for. I am beyond honoured to now be in collaboration with amazing people, taking the entry door life has provided for me to begin creating a world that rhymes with freedom, expansion and fascination!

The First “Work” Day

My first very informal encounter with the Weco team gave me a glimpse of a completely new way of working and connecting, which truly fascinated me. Being able to be your own individual self amongst like-minded people who truly respect and embrace you as you are felt very natural and liberating. And because we all shared a passion for the same cause, it didn’t feel like work at all!

While I can’t deny I had some doubts and uncertainties about how I could contribute to this amazing project, I felt completely at ease and comfortable, like I was already part of the family. The way Weco functions is so simple and straight-forward; using each person’s forte, gifts and talents to bring it out to the collective interest. We were able to establish my role and contribution after a mere 5 minute of discussion. Feeling excited about this idea and finding it resonates with me, simply confirmed I am in the right place, and things are unfolding just as they need to.

I will therefore be the team’s “reporter butterfly’’; the insider sharing the updates from behind the scenes of this fascinating organization, as well as my personal journey through this dream life that is seemingly becoming a tangible reality day by day !


Written by: Mariane Bartlett

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