Grand Daddy of them All

The main course on semi final day arrives at 4pm EST with the Grand Daddy of Them ALL. As a B10 football fan this is required viewing every year, even if its come to the point where a B10 team isn’t always present. This years game should still be super appealing, even lacking a Buckeye or a Nittany Lion. This year its the Oklahoma Baker Mayfield’s vs the Georgia SEC Bulldogs.

The line for this game opened Ok -1 and swung all the way to Georgia -3 this morning.

The expected points scored and expected points allowed show that the spread is right where it should be.

This is going to be another classic case of explosive offense, Oklahoma is scoring an absurd 16 more than could be expected of them, versus a stout defense, Georgia is allowing an absurd 15 points less than could be expected.

Yards per play though, shows some decent value on Oklahoma.

This shows Oklahoma as a favorite and 5.5 points of value against the current spread.

When it comes to the efficiency and defensive stats, this is, stereotypically, all SEC, all the time.

Oklahoma is literally not better in any statistical category. This should be, on paper, a Georgia beatdown. The SEC defense thrashes the soft B12 team. At least, on paper.

Both teams will obviously be motivated, its the playoffs. And sometimes you just have to throw the handicapping and the stats out the window. Baker Mayfield is a special player. Special players lead otherwise deficient teams to wins all the time. DeShaun Watson did it against Alabama, Cam Newton did it for Auburn. Baker Mayfield can do it for the Sooners.

There is no B10 team for any Andy’s from Minnesota to cheer for but, if you’re Minnesota Nice and looking for a team to back in the Rose Bowl, back the team with the best player.

Oklahoma ml +125,

Good Luck

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