The VidCon Incident: No one is without sin


  • Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad aka Mr. Takes 30 minutes to say something that someone who wasn’t in love with the sound of his own voice could say in 5:

After the incident he claimed he was merely at the panel to quietly listen to what Anita Sarkeesian had to say at the panel and hopefully engage her in respectful debate.

However, before the incident:

Claimed his attendance at VidCon was due in part to the presence of SJWs at the convention and as an Anti-SJW, was pleased at the idea that the SJWs in attendance wouldn’t be happy to see him. When asked if he was there to trigger and/or troll them, he responds “maybe” but states he won’t have to do anything to set them off and that his presence there should suffice. Also stated he was prepared to record any attempts to have him removed from the convention.

  • Anita Sarkeesian

Fifteen-plus years immersed in the extremist feminist ideology not only has failed to empower her as a woman, she has become so fragile that the mere sight of an ideological opponent like Sargon triggered a panic attack which caused her to lash out, calling him a shithead and a “garbage human”. She would later lash out again at a fellow panelist the next day and would later double-down on her claims of being harassed at the panel in a blog post instead of apologizing for her behavior.

The notion that someone conditioned to see sexism and misogyny everywhere to the point where she has hair-trigger panic attacks has anything useful insight on bullying and harassment is absurd.

  • The Shitlords

Despite repeated claims that they attended Anita’s panel to “watch and listen and nothing more” and that they went out of their way not to draw attention to themselves, Dave Cullen aka Computing Forever stated their appearance was “carefully organized” playful trolling. Their goal was likely to film Anita’s reaction to seeing them there and as Sargon indicated, getting thrown out.

Their Get-a-long Gang act, preaching empathy, respect and dialogue with their opponents flew out the window when it came to SJWs without a significant following or non-SJWs like agent provocateur Tariq Nasheed, laughing at how they got #shutupTariq trending in mere minutes which sent a fair deal of negative responses sent his way by their combined fanbases.

  • Hank & John Green

Not surprising that the duo that co-opted community-driven YouTube Meetups and turned them into an event where you need to pay $150 just to say hello to other people outside would fail to do the right thing.

As their official statement displays, they bought into the same pseudoscience-laden ideology Sarkeesian fell into, talking a big game about the strength of women and female empowerment while in practice infantilizing women by treating them like fragile creatures like society did in the 19th century when fainting couches were all the rage. To them the men who upset Anita are obviously guilty because the ideology dictates anyone with average or above testosterone levels are guilty of the original sin of masculinity.

It’s also no surprise they bent/broke the rules on harassment given that Hank Green has a business partnership with Anita through his company DFTBA.

Everyone wants to pretend they’re on the side of angels but the end of the day, everyone’s just jockeying for the best position to wave their Flag of Virtue to the adoration of the crowd.

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