Hi. I’m a college graduate and I’m a fast food worker
Kirstin L. Cheers

Critical Thinking

1st Congrats on finishing the long term project known as a bachelors degree. Welcome to the club!

Yes, there are some university degrees that pay better than others. We are motivated by higher learning not because of pay but rather networking and critical thinking. Pay should be the last motivator.

A new car is a major expense, hoping you bought a used car. We collectively use our cars less than 5% per day but they typically eat up 20% of our budgets, not a very wise investment. Instead, you would have been wiser to buy a bicycle and pedal to and from work. It’s better for your community’s health, think lowering your carbon footprint, as well as your health. On poor weather days, take public transportation. Everyone wins especially your pocket book.

You paid payroll taxes from your old job. It’s stupid not to apply for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits because you and your employer already paid both. Always apply for UI benefits as soon as eligible.

The federal minimum wage should be abolished. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, 1.3 million people earned the federal minimum wage of the 250+ million workers or less than 1% of the working age population. The federal government has more important issues to worry about like bombing innocent brown babies for generational warmonger profiteering in countries we have no business being in otherwise.

States more specifically municipalities should take care of the minimum wages and vary it by cost of living by municipality. For example, living in San Francisco costs significantly more than living in Santa Cruz, so minimum wages should be different for the two cities. MIT’s living wage calculator is a great tool in determining a municipality’s living wage. http://livingwage.mit.edu

Finally, there are always English teaching as a second language positions in Asia. I live and love Southeast Asia.

If you are brave enough to do something extremely self-fulfilling while also helping the less fortunate then teach English to Asians and come give us a go! http://www.asiateachingjobs.com

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