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How would you like to retire by age 40 and never have to work another day in your life? This article will help you find ways to cut unnecessary expenses so you can stop making other people rich and make yourself rich instead...

Start every conversation with a smile, positivity is contagious! ☺

Use budget tracking tools like

Cut cable and replace with cheapest Internet package usually $15-30/month then use a VPN to triple bandwidth.

Sell the second+ car or cars and replace with bicycles, walk, run, etc. I’m certain there’d not be an obesity pandemic with more active lifestyles.

Shop at Goodwill and thrift shops where many rich people leave hand me downs plus it’s ridiculously entertaining fashion and most importantly affordable!

Discontinue major cell phone carrier and buy a Moto G. The Moto G is a basic water resistant smartphone then use carrier Republic Wireless.

Stop buying and/or renting DVDs, books, music, magazines, etc then visit your local public library that offer music, books, DVDs, etc for free and/or use the Internet as many classics are available for free as well, see MIT’s classics library as an example. Here are two of my favorite classics:

Art of War


Replace Microsoft Office with free and open source LibreOffice5.1

Skip returning to university after job was outsourced to automation and learn coding, app design creation, maths, etc, for free then collaborate with other engineers on Linux builds, Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, bug bounties, etc to stimulate your resume.

Code Academy

App Design


Volunteer in local community organisations like the Veteran of Foreign Wars Men’s or Women’s Auxiliary groups, visit your local nursing homes, hospice centers, hospitals and talk to the terminally ill, volunteer at the Red Cross, pick up trash, visit your town council and see what you can do to help the community at large! ☺

Mr Money Mustache also retired young at 30 with a family of four by adopting frugal living practices. See his story and frugal living recommendations.

These are but a few ways to cut the fat from one’s budget and live a more fulfilling life in service before self.

Explore the local communities, expand cultural perspectives, and create memories along with new mates! 😍

Live a simple and happier life with exercise, budget control, online entertainment, community service, and free daily life learning! 😁

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