For 11+ million USA citizens, it’s Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) enrollment time again.

If you are self-employed or your employer is small enough to avoid providing healthcare insurance then PPACA enrollment begins 1Nov and ends 31Jan. Also, if you’d like coverage by 1Jan then sign up by 15Dec.

Please, shop around for healthcare insurance as you would for dresses, games, and/or shoes! Many 2016 plans offer better deals than staying with your current rollover plans. It’s a consumer’s marketplace everywhere but Minnesota, where the five insurers there are expected to raise premiums as high as 49%.

I went through the calculations for a single smoking male. Dade County, Florida produced 22 silver plans available to me and I’d pay an average of about $10k in 2016 including deductible and max out of pocket expenses. By comparison, in 2015, Dade County healthcare insurance cost $9135 for the same parameters. For 2016, the premiums are about 9.5% higher.

Once again, I encourage everyone to shop around as some new plans include dental and vision as well as the traditional preventative sub-head maintenance.

PPACA official 2016 calculator
Kaiser Foundation 2015 comparison reference calculator

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