Track Me Not

Every 'smart' phone with an OS is a computer and therefore hackable, traceable, recording device, etc, a Big Data analytics dream.

According to Wired dot com/security, using encrypted apps are No Such Agency’s wet dream come true because encrypted apps especially those running PGP and VPNs light us up like Christmas🎄trees. According to Wired, NSA caught many mujahideen extremists this way.

I prefer apps that create noise, false positives like NYU’s Computer Science Trackmenot or Adnauseum.

Adnauseum is another obfuscation add-on similar to Track Me Not.

If you would like alternative software for whatever then Alternativeto is a great crowdsourcing platform, usually open source software.

VPNs and PGP are useful against primitive cyber thieves and other government organisations, so stay off NSA’s radar and all is kosher. ☺

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