Right Rhetoric, AC Style

A guest speaker at Amherst College (AC) uses sound logic and rhetoric against an AC freshman when confronted with the ludicrous theory of supposed white privilege.
Listen to D’Souza’s 14+minutes of back and forth. I look forward to comments.

I agree with the AC guest speaker.

Giving equal privileges was the best course of action that came out of the civil rights movement. It's also idiotic to return goods to con-men like aboriginal yanks and others claiming historical foul. And finally I agree, if one fails to practice what they preach as many so called progressives tend then they shouldn't have followers.

Yesterday, I wrote a rant about conservatives not practicing what they preach, specifically about conservatives not caring for the lives of 'innocent' children contrary to their claims of the opposite. One of my mates said my argument was shallow.

Perhaps, more examples will persuade him. As D’Souza said put your money where your mouth is so I’ve given a few examples, what I’ve done and a solution for conservatives to pursue if they so choose to be a good Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc.

Conservatives (and many others) use in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) where hundreds of millions of embryos are destroyed each year. IVF cell death makes annual abortion seem like child's play (pun intended). Why fight for some cells but not others?

What I've done
I support women's pro-choice with respect to their bodies.

Support women’s pro-choice, birth control and planned parenthood or equally protest and kill (care) for all cells.

Indirectly, USA led coalition wars displace millions of families. Yet, conservatives are the first to fight against war-torn refugee families coming to the EU, USA, etc. If conservatives believe as the bible, Koran, Torah, etc advise then why not be friendly to our neighbours especially after destroying their houses and families?

What I’ve done 
Live in emerging markets and give the poor temporary shelter.

Force pro-war conservatives to house refugees then conservatives might not be so bomb happy. I wouldn't hold my breath more than 5 minutes. ;)

Millions of emerging markets children are starving daily. Not starving as I am right now for a double decker Royal with cheese but actually going hungry each day because their families make less than $2/day. Why is abortion the cause which attracts your attention more than actual children?

What I’ve done
Volunteered my time and money in emerging markets for organisations such as Floating Doctors and The Red Cross, redistribute the majority of my monthly income, pay taxes voluntary, give food and funds to the less fortunate.

Support redistributed wealth helping the impoverished as Jesus would do.

Humans are one of many species in the Animal Kingdom. We routinely experiment on other baby species like mice, monkeys, etc. Liberals not conservatives are more likely to defend ‘all lives matter.’ Why do conservatives believe only human lives matter?

What I’ve done 
As a former science lab technician, I support experimentation on all animal models.

Protect and defend all life.

The pro-war, pro-death, eye for an eye, conservative movement does little to protect innocent 'enemy' children. Since 9/11, USA led coalition forces have directly killed thousands of 'innocent' children. Jeb Bush admitted he would kill baby Hitler. Do conservatives believe that they are killing future baby Saddam’s, Assad’s, etc in Southwest Asia?

What I've done 
Nothing, I am pro-death. It’s great for business. ☺

The proper course of action would be to raise the child in a loving family environment and good parents know when children go off the beaten path then discipline accordingly. In Hitler's case as Late Night 🌃 Stephen Colbert reported is don't allow Hitler to join marching bands or political clubs in high school. Good parenting is a lost art.

Since 9/11, children deaths as a consequence of direct military action 

Stephen Colbert on baby Hitler 

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