What is a living wage for a USA citizen family of four?
(by the numbers)

10% of USA citizens claim they don’t earn a living wage, but how much would a family of four require to earn a living wage?

I explored the basic necessities' cost of a typical family: personal transportation, housing rents, basic internet, cell phone bills, groceries, and healthcare insurance. A living wage for the average USA citizen family of four would require about $41800 per year to keep up with the average 'Foxes’.

Remember, these are basic necessities and don’t include entertainment like cable TV, eating out, spliffs and pub crawls.
The average USA citizen worked 1789 hours in 2014 so the living wage for the average USA citizen family of four needs to be about $23 per hour.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average private sector hourly wage was $25.09 per hour in September 2015.
USA corporations, that routinely get a bad rap from the 10% of USA citizens choosing to work for the minimum wage, are actually paying more than what a family of four requires.

Good job Corporate America!

By the numbers

According to AAA, the average cost to own and maintain a personal vehicle is $8k/yr.

The average cost to rent a 3 bedroom apartment is $18k/yr.

Annual Grocery bill, $10k/yr

Average cell phone annual plan is $3.5k

Average internet annual plan, $600/yr

Average healthcare insurance, PPACA silver plan, $1.7k.

2014 USA citizens worked 1789 hours

Total private average for September 2015, $25.09 per hour

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