The exuberance of the youth age is now being abused in this era. The realities of life being portrayed by the media is also being diffused with so much vices in the name of 'trend’. The definition of 'morals' as depicted by some youths is totally confused.

The last time, he said; “this will be the last time”, before he rolled up the weed, lit the joint and puffed out the smoke with a sigh of relief through his lips.

The last time, she said; “this will be the last time”, before she spread wide open her legs for the man she claimed was her uncle for just a token.

The other day, I lost a friend who had an accident and died on the spot on his way back from the club where he had some quickies to ease up his 'konji’- the slang term for the word, 'sexual urge' as it is well known from where I’m from- the ghetto.

Now, in as much as I don’t want this post to sound like a religious piece because I’m not the religious type, I’m going to digress a little.

What do you tend to think about?

Sometimes, when I get caught up in my thoughts, I write.

Do you know that the capacity of the human brain compared to a computer system is about 2.5 petabytes- the equivalent of 2500 terabytes. What am I even saying? You see as humans, we all have vices and virtues although some people’s virtues are more ostentatious than their vices and vice-versa.

Truth be told, it always hurts me to see potentials- as I prefer to call the youths, when I walk the streets in my neighborhood waste their life away in the name of 'flexing​’.

I mean, what happened to other forms of relaxation especially among youths?, For a fact, you’d hardly go to a youth gathering without seeing either alcohol or some sort of hard drugs. Why?

I think there’s more to be done than just arresting these addicts of hard substances and locking them up for a while. There’s not even any form of exercise to recuperate these lost ones. Nothing at all!. What should be done?

I once was an addict of some hard substance. Maybe I am still. Now, what does that make me?, a bad boy with no future ambition?, a less human? I don’t think so.

Like I earlier said, we all have vices and virtues. Nobody on this earth is good. Even one of the Holy books ascertained that when it said; 'the heart of man is evil’.

It will amaze you that most of these addicts are very creative and intelligent in their own ways. So, let’s not discriminate and be our neighbor’s keeper. Real love goes beyond those we are familiar with- our friends and families.

Hence finally, in regards to the addicts, note that for every choice you make, there’s an effect. Choose wisely and say NO to drugs but YES to good health and an adventurous life.